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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldest View Post
    "I... do not know what you jumped to there? Sara seems to enjoy aggressively pushing things she thinks friends would enjoy on said friends, if recent behavior is any indication. Though, since you seem to know them at least, why does Ferraphim1tp" She pronounces it perfectly, somehow, machine brain coming in handy for once. "have that name? It looks like a mashup but I don't quite understand why?"
    "It's part of his religion," said Naota. "He's a member of the Church of Shipping. They are a widespread religious order that formed in the early 21st century around the belief that love can be found in the most unexpected places. They have many lay members, but the priests and monks of the religion dedicate their lives to crafting elaborate monuments to these improbable couples. A "Ship" is when a member of the Church identifies some form of romantic chemistry between two people. This can be based on anything, or nothing - the bitterest of rivals, the closest of friends, abstract concepts, or people who lived and died centuries apart while never meeting can all be Shipped. The basic response when identifying a Ship is to invoke the prayer "I Ship It", and for many members that's where it ends. Some then draw, paint or write great works exploring their favoured Ship, and in so doing their Ship gains traction and popularity within the Church.

    "One of the most serious prayers in the Church is the "1tp" - the One True Pairing. While ordinary Ships are marked by mashing the names of the two or more subjects together, the One True Pairing is honoured by affixing 1tp to the end. This is the Ship that Shipper has chosen to dedicate themselves to, and they will consider any rival ship to be the most rank heresy and wage ongoing Flame Wars to promote their 1tp.

    "Note that these Ships are based around the idea of perceived, potential love. A curious aspect of the Church of Shipping is that when a relationship actually begins between two Shipped subjects - added to the Church's great Canon - then all interest is immediately lost, the matter is considered resolved, and the members move on to different things."
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