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Then the Shogun steps between you and him.
What the ffff-- How was he not in the briefing?! Who's ass did she need to kick? How could? Oh god. Oh god. Errant keeps scrambling, trying to get to her feet again but it's useless. Her biofeedback filters have already done a full shutdown to prevent the pain response from overwhelming her, which consequently means her legs are functionally asleep as well as broken: getting them to do anything requires concerted effort. Which is the opposite of what you want when a cyberphile is eyeing you like a snack and your idol is about to cross the uncrossable line and become a murderer.

"You can't!" she screams with hysteria already creeping into her voice, but the Shogun is locked inside the world of her choice.

"Don't do this!" she pleads. The pistol rises.

"Your Ex-- Hi... oh fuck it. Nobu!"

Errant gives up on getting there with her legs. She pushes off the ground with her arms as hard as she can.

A single gunshot claps across the grungy beat of the music still pounding through the room.

...And Errant is there. Standing. Trembling, smoking, even sparking. Her left hand's clamped tightly around the Shogun's wrist and pointing her entire pistol arm up at the ceiling. Her right arm winds back and punches the undersized school girl across the jaw. Hard. Both girls collapse on the ground in a heap. Errant's lying on top and still pinning that arm with hers. She hoists herself up, slaps the Shogun for good measure, and leans over top of her with a face soaked in a mix of tears and blood.

"Don't! Do! This! If you kill him there's no going back! You... You're!" she stammers. She's also completely exposed, but she doesn't care. "This is your city! You're it's hero! You're my hero! You, you have to be better so that people, so that I! S-so that we believe we can, too! W-we'll get him! I, I promise we will! For Gears and, and everybody! So please..!"

She's actually choking now. Somebody's going to take advantage of this opening. All Errant can do is pray it's the one person she's actually prepared for.

[One last Directly Engage because I'm an idiot. 2d6-2 = 7, with intent specifically to Impress (surprise or frighten). I feel like No, You Move is also appropriate here, which is an 11]