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Possom Girl whips around with her vaccum-hook and suddenly it's a tug of war. The axe is floating in the middle of the two of you, spinning around insanely dangerously, balanced perfectly in between your two suction gadgets.

"Money, obviously?" said Possum Girl with surprising directness. She's lowered her voice so the conversation is no longer booming at the crowd. "Some of us have to work for a living, man, and there's not much a demand for improvisational theatre majors in this economy. I mean, I'm not actually going to kill these people, so maybe cool it with the axe?"
Victor whips back like she just slapped him. "Okay, hold the fuck up. Sane? Are we doing sane? Is this a thing that is happening? Because you coulda fooled me, singin' Scarlet Pimpernel showtunes and salutin' a marsupial like you were doing. You seriously telling me that this horseshit is just a, what, a persona? Dangling people over their deaths is part of your method acting?"

He's watching the axe spin, wary of any shift in direction, but most of his focus is on the girl in front of him, trying to pick apart what the heck is going on in that mind.

[Pierce the mask: 4. Marking XP.]