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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptin Keen View Post
    Also .... sure? Yea. I want to meet the others in Silverton. Foul sorcerers that they are :p
    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingTheShade View Post
    It's always somewhat strange to start RPing a new character who's supposed to already know the rest of the party, but you don't already know those other characters, whereas your PC is supposed to know them...

    I guess we could fast-forward the introduction but then I'd prefer to discuss a bit (just a bit really) with the other players how their characters act in general to know how mine would react to them.
    I was thinking of the following events leading up to the adventure, and we could jump in wherever: Silverton sends a messenger to Port Blacksand asking Lady Salancia for aid. The lady refuses, so the messenger enlists the help of Rosa and Benedict/Cesar. The messenger takes them to Silverton to be briefed by the mayor and the merchants, where they also meet Borgrim. Then the three adventurers head to Port Blacksand.

    We can jump in wherever you like. The tavern (I know, I know) where the three of you meet Silverton's leaders and first meet each other seems the most convenient spot. If you've got other reasons why you may be in Silverton, by conincedence, then that would work to.
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