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She doesn't hit you, doesn't shoot at you. For a moment she's surprised... but the thought of responding with violence doesn't even cross her mind.

"He's going to get away!" she snarled, but there was as much despair in that voice as anger. "Don't you understand!? If I don't stop him here he's going to be around forever! He found a way to worm and weasel out of every punishment - and now even death!? He's going to escape death!? H-how can there be room for heroes when the worst that happens to the villains is that they just take another spin on the resurrection roundabout and just keep playing? They'll get away with it, with all of it!"
"No! You're the one who doesn't understand!" Errant slams a fist into the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust. Her face is such a mess it's difficult to tell exactly what emotion is in control of her right now. But she's definitely angry, and maybe just as scared.

"S-some... somewhere out there, there's a little girl with pictures of you all over her commlink. She's so excited, because she thinks you look just like her. She's dreaming about growing up and being like you! And if you, if you kill Turbo Knight today... you're putting a gun right in her hands. Because it never ends! If it's not him it's his granddaughter! If it's not her it's Sabrem or Sylvanus or BlackSun or... o-or even maybe AEGIS! W-we're only better 'cause we support each other! We're only holding back the darkness because we stay strong enough to say no! And you're strong! You're so much stronger than me! If he can drag you down to his level, th-then I..."

Something in her right leg shorts out completely, and Errant slumps awkwardly off of the Shogun.

"Don't throw yourself away. Please. Please. W-we can still stop this... We can..."