[X]: Insecure FULL OF HUBRIS

Okay, here’s a plan. Step one: a big cat headbutt right to her beautiful, angelic face to stun the tiger a few moments longer. Once she gets switched back, she’s going to be SO sore. Chiropractor’s visit, coming up.

Step two: flip her body over and work one paw up under her top, over those cushioned wires, to the well-protected hardlight generator. She’s probably the only person in the world who knows the safety protocols to shut it down in the event that a pepper rift tries to tear her body in half.

Once that’s done, the danger will drop from “lethal laser blast through face” to “angry, buff teenager with tiger sitting on her,” and Sara can ride her own furious writhings our long enough for Angel-IKA to come over and taser the daylights out of the tiger.

[On the other hand? I just rolled a 4 on Unleash your Powers so that is probably not what is going to happen.]