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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoeKun View Post
    "No! You're the one who doesn't understand!" Errant slams a fist into the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust. Her face is such a mess it's difficult to tell exactly what emotion is in control of her right now. But she's definitely angry, and maybe just as scared.

    "S-some... somewhere out there, there's a little girl with pictures of you all over her commlink. She's so excited, because she thinks you look just like her. She's dreaming about growing up and being like you! And if you, if you kill Turbo Knight today... you're putting a gun right in her hands. Because it never ends! If it's not him it's his granddaughter! If it's not her it's Sabrem or Sylvanus or BlackSun or... o-or even maybe AEGIS! W-we're only better 'cause we support each other! We're only holding back the darkness because we stay strong enough to say no! And you're strong! You're so much stronger than me! If he can drag you down to his level, th-then I..."

    Something in her right leg shorts out completely, and Errant slumps awkwardly off of the Shogun.

    "Don't throw yourself away. Please. Please. W-we can still stop this... We can..."
    The Shogun slumps next to you. The fight goes out of her.

    "I'm old," she said. "I don't look it but I'm so old. I've been doing this for so long. And it doesn't feel like things are any safer than when I started. I wanted... I wanted to at least protect the city until the Silver Royals were gone, but what if they never leave? What if they're around forever? When I had my friends with me I thought I could do it, but they all drifted away and I was the only one who stayed... I thought one day I'd be able to retire but..." she sniffs, wipes her eyes, "I can do this for a little longer. You're right. It never ends."

    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
    [X]: Insecure FULL OF HUBRIS

    Okay, here’s a plan. Step one: a big cat headbutt right to her beautiful, angelic face to stun the tiger a few moments longer. Once she gets switched back, she’s going to be SO sore. Chiropractor’s visit, coming up.

    Step two: flip her body over and work one paw up under her top, over those cushioned wires, to the well-protected hardlight generator. She’s probably the only person in the world who knows the safety protocols to shut it down in the event that a pepper rift tries to tear her body in half.

    Once that’s done, the danger will drop from “lethal laser blast through face” to “angry, buff teenager with tiger sitting on her,” and Sara can ride her own furious writhings our long enough for Angel-IKA to come over and taser the daylights out of the tiger.

    [On the other hand? I just rolled a 4 on Unleash your Powers so that is probably not what is going to happen.]
    Angel-IKA comes over and tasers the tiger. Then she tasers you.

    "Oh hey again, @Sarahphim!" came the unmistakable cadence of Comstar's voice from Angel-IKA's mouth. "So I know I set up this whole girl verses tiger thing and it was getting a lot of play, nice work by the way, but then I saw your sidekick and - wow!" she pulled off the wolf hood and tossed it to the side. "I mean, it was a crime to dress a body this gorgeous up in these rags, and I did have this neat bodyswitching tech right there, so I figured: why not?"

    Angel-IKA in Comstar's body jumps on Comstar's back with a yell of "Don't hurt @Sarahphim!" But Comstar's original body is extremely not buff and Comstar just laughs. "Oh wow, she's adorable, I used to be adorable," said Comstar brightly. She twists and throws Angel-IKA into a heap on top of the stunned @Sarahphim and the stunned tiger and then hits her with a shot from the stun pistol. "Anyway, sorry for the interruption, folks. I set the stun charge so that the tiger's muscles would recover first because I'm really curious as to what it'll do. Is it going to try to eat you with its little human mouth? Oh! So many questions! Anyway, sorry again for the interruption, hugs and kisses, just pretend I was never here."

    Quote Originally Posted by Eldest View Post
    "As a religion, it's... interesting. As an allegory for human culture, sure, that works. Interesting that people find such enjoyment in imagining various relationships, but then you said they seem to lose interest as soon as the wish comes true. Is it better in their head, or is it that the chase is better than the actual thing? Still doesn't quite explain the name..." She pauses. If she was built differently, you'd literally see the gears turning. "Ferraphim. Ferra. Saraphim."

    ==NotFerra has logged on==
    NotFerra: @Ferraphim1tp. Explain.
    Ferraphim1tp: Oh! Hi! Uh, okay, so it's maximum Freaky Friday here @[email protected]
    Locker: hey
    Ferraphim1tp: Comstar is Angelica, Angelica is Comstar, Sarah is in the body of the giant tiger, and the tiger's brain is in Sarah's body
    Bode: Also the tiger in @Sarahphim's body is due to regain motion first. This is apparently the 22cnd century equivalent of lowering people into a shark tank.
    Locker: man. i wish i got there in time. literally any of those bodies would be a step up from what ive got now
    Ferraphim1tp: It's really intense o.o. This is a real Comstar puzzle room.
    Ferraphim1tp: Anyway, I think that covers it. How are you? ^.^
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