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Thread: The Rise of Ants 2: The Jungle!

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    Vannethia, the Golden Horde

    Size 20, Growth 2, Offense 4, Defense 4, Speed 4, Skill 6, Power 8
    Skill Research 6/15
    Power Research 8/15
    Food 6/20

    Power Chamber- Holds your Power Source. Actions can be spent to do Research on the source to unlock new Power Traits.
    Central Hive- Includes the Queen's chamber, the resting areas, and the central tunnel leading to the surface. All other sections of the Colony branch off from here.
    Soldier Warren- Soldiers rest and train here, located higher up along the central tunnel to allow early reaction to attacks on the Hive.
    Food Storage- Can currently hold 20 food.
    Pit Traps- Protective traps dug around the entrance.
    Watch Posts- Regular patrols of the immediate area are based out of these.
    Treehopper Nymphs- You have 1 size of recently-hatched treehopper nymphs. Feeding them requires either a hive action or 3 hero actions until you figure out a way to stop them from leaving.
    Garden Space You could grow plants here, if you figure out how.

    Power Source- A perfect, bright golden orb that emits strange magical energies, located in your Power Chamber. Allows you to research Power.
    Great Tree- The colony is built underneath an enormous, beautiful tree, larger than those around it and surrounded by undergrowth. The entrance to your colony is between two of its roots, with the main trunk to the north of the entrance. Apparently has the potential to boost magic effects using your Life powers.
    Treehoppers- Small creatures that look like leaves at a distance and move around by jumping. They live high on the tree, as well as on the smaller plants around it, where they drink sap by piercing the plant with their mouthparts. They secrete a sweet fluid sometimes.
    You have now discovered that baby treehoppers (nymphs) look exactly like smaller adults, unlike ant larvae.
    Walking Sticks- The other type of insect that lives on your tree, these are far larger than you or the treehoppers and are indistinguishable from sticks while they stand still.
    Stream- Wider across than the length of a hundred ants, this stream is south of the Great Tree. It flows from west to east, and was discovered to turn northward after a while by Fiona and Antigone. You have now marked its banks with pheromones.
    New discoveries by Antigone show that it flows northeast for quite some time, farther than a turnís journey.
    Sloth- An enormous creature that is located in a neighboring tree. It has four limbs with three claws on each, gray-green fur, and does not like to move very much.
    Weaver Ants- Another hive of ants that live in a tree far to the north-northeast. Antigone discovered them, but has not interacted with them yet.

    Biological Traits
    Appearance: You used to look like most other ants, with black chitin and three rings of golden yellow around the abdomen.
    After gaining Life powers, your black chitin has started to turn more towards green. Your golden stripes, however, remain unaffected.
    Swarm- Doubles the outcome of an action, positive or negative. 3 turn cooldown.

    Skill Traits
    Rudimentary Tools- Some workers have begun using small objects (sticks, rocks, etc) as tools to help them work more effectively.

    Power Traits
    Life (lesser) - You have an increased rapport with the growth and form of the life around you - and this jungle is teeming with life. You gain a 50% bonus to all food gathered or produced.

    Heroes - In Hive:
    JoJoAnt: Soldier - Health 6, Attack 3, Armor 2, Speed 2, Skill 1, Power 1
    Ant-Eye Aircraft Weaponry: Power Seeker - Health 5, Attack 1, Armor 1, Speed 3, Skill 2, Power 3
    Antimony: Power Seeker - Health 5, Attack 1, Armor 1, Speed 3, Skill 2, Power 3
    Fiona: Speedster - Health 5, Attack 2, Armor 1, Speed 4, Skill 2, Power 1
    Dave Foreici Espimoda: Pit Boss - Health 6, Attack 1, Armor 2, Speed 2, Skill 3, Power 1
    Antitan: Guardian - Health 8, Attack 1, Armor 3, Speed 1, Skill 1, Power 1
    Theoanta: Generalist - Health 6, Attack 2, Armor 2, Speed 2, Skill 2, Power 1
    Zektak: Power Seeker - Health 5, Attack 1, Armor 1, Speed 3, Skill 2, Power 3

    Heroes - Outside Hive
    Antigone: Speedster - Health 5, Attack 2, Armor 1, Speed 4, Skill 2, Power 1 - Weaver ant hive, 2 turns travel north-northeast
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