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Rob is kinda in the double bind. Does he A) Spend time on curing cancer and neglect comic, which reduces his money for treatment or does he B) Spend time on comic, but waste what could be possibly his last moments with Linda. It's a difficult choice.
Sadly this is something that virtually every single person who ever lived has to deal with at some point. Unless you're lucky enough to die before any of your loved ones.

I'm not unsympathetic, but I work in healthcare and literally see dozens of people in the same situation every week. People still have to work even when their family gets sick. Even with all of the charitable resources we use to help people, handouts will only take you so far. I could care less about the comic, and haven't even checked for updates for months, but if they need money for treatment he needs to step up and do something to get it.

As far as I know, he hasn't said anything about that being the case though, has he? It seems like they're ok financially. Unless he's said something in the last 6 months or so since I stopped reading.