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Nigel moves his mouth slowly while trying to work out the sentence. The boss because he knows what he's doing... He mumbles to himself. I suppose you might do things differently here. Is the conclusion he eventually comes to. Does he know that it's at least a partly magical disease and that these suits probably won't... help? He asks, motioning to his own suit. Well he's the boss. Where are the labs?
Offices -> Labs

Mirai raises up his hands in surrender. "I'm sorry, Nigel, I'm not a part of this plotline." He says, seemingly unaware of his breaking the fourth wall. "I just greet HALO newcomers, kill monsters and build electronic gadgets. Taking you to the lab, however, is something I can do. It's where I spend most of my time here." He says, leading the way to the lab and pointing out the different sections.

"If you need a gadget to detect strength of the disease or something, I could help."