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    Default Re: Erfworld Thread XI: Finally, it's HAMMER-TIME!

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    The what now?
    Someone wrote about the event horizon of the comics death spiral, an event horizon is part of a black hole, the singularity is another part of a black hole. It seemed like a fun idea at the time.

    What is exactly does "a new one in the offing" mean?
    "A new one in the offing" means that there is a potential new item which we have been told about.


    In the case of comics I was refering to a new comic which we have been advised will replace one which will be folded. Menage a three and Dangerously Chloe folded and Pixie Trix Comix started up on the same url, Leftover Soup folded, and Forward started up, on a different url, both this year, in both cases we knew about the new one before the old one ended.
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    The end of what Son? The story? There is no end. There's just the point where the storytellers stop talking.