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Humans in the coastal cities on the Glimmering Sea come in all shapes and sizes and appearances; Port Blacksand is no different. It's very much a mélange of different peoples and cultures. Darker skin tones are less common in and around Silverton, but they are not completely out of place.
That's more or less what I imagined.

Horns and cat's eyes, on the other hand, are definitely very unusual. Even among those of Orc-ish or Ogre-ish heritage such features would be very odd.
Hence the cowl to hide them. Note that they're still small horns. Cute small horns :D

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Oh, I wanted to add .... I would have described Borgrim's appearance, but I think you guys already sort of have an idea. Big, bulging with muscle, long black hair, dressed in literally nothing but a loincloth, and with a sword so large it looks like a joke. He has very little else, and what he has he carries in a no-nonsense sack.

He relies on his wit, and his sword, to solve all challenges he encounters in life. And ... let's be frank, his wit is so-so at best =)
Now that you mention it, without that description, I imagined Borgrim scalp to be bald, or at least close shaven.

Also, now Borgrim thinks Rosa is crazy, and actually most rightly so. Rosa still reserves her evaluation of the "local hero of sorts". At the moment, I'd think she's 50/50 on 'country bumpkin whose likely to behead himself with his sword' vs 'crazy murderous redneck'... Let's see how this evolves :)