Spoiler: Mind Reading
Conscious answer to the question: I go anywhere there might be Precursor Tech. This technology can open wormholes, control cosmic forces, and violate almost every known law of physics. Precursor Tech opened the wormhole through time and space that got me here. If I’m ever going to get home to Earth in 2019, it’s going to be Precursor Tech. And if the wrong people, like the Peacekeepers, get their hands on the wrong tech… it would make the Death Star look like a B-B gun.

Memory: John is strapped inside a chair. His eyes are pried open and he cannot move his limbs. He is trying to activate his armor but something is stopping him from doing so. A dark, sinister figure steps out behind a control apparatus. A voice with a rather civil tone speaks. “Commander John Young. Human. The Peacekeepers have never encountered that species before… never a ship or a colony or a station. There has never been a documented encounter with N7 or UNASA by the Peacekeepers or our allies… or our adversaries.” A pause… “So I find it quite odd, John, that a creature of your unknown, likely backwater species possesses technology as advanced as your armor.” The figure approaches swiftly and bares his teeth, suddenly displaying an aggressive menace. A hunger. “It’s technology from the Ancient Ones… and it is part of you.” The figure moved back to the panel, his tone once again seemingly genial. “You don’t have to answer right now, John. No no no… you need to spend some more time in the chair first. Then you will tell me what I want to know.” A lever was pulled and there was blinding pain.

Subconscious: This isn’t so much a thought from John, but… something buried deep down inside of his psyche. Even with the Mind Reading, what this is isn’t clear to you. But you can feel it… there is a very large cache of data buried inside his mind. And it’s so deeply encrypted that you can’t tell if even John knows what’s in there.

To Calla, before they came down, John would have answered: “I’m not a bounty hunter. I’ve got my own problems without trying to play Boba Fett out here. Must be from somewhere else.”

John was unaware that anyone had pried into his mind, but he trusted Tager. The reptile was mind reading. And not just Tager, either. That Calla woman pulled her gun. John stayed beside Tager, staying out of it. He had no dog in this fight. He didn’t know either of these people or what they were after.

So to try and defuse the situation, John doubled down on the business and sat down at the table with Tager. Play it like Han Solo. He looked to the woman who was their would-be employer and he gestured with his hand for her to begin. “Lady, if you start in on the details I think the guns and psychic powers might get put away.”