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To those of you commenting about Artificers and them getting Cantrips:

IIRC, when they were first introduced in 3.X, Artificers were 2/3rd casters.

That... doesn't exist in 5E.

This is as faithful of a representation as they can get. Personally, I'm fine with them getting cantrips. Frankly, ALL HALF CASTERS SHOULD GET CANTRIPS, if you ask me. Half casters have more magical acumen than one third casters, but half casters don't have cantrips? Really? That's just dumb as hell.

Additionally, Artificers have spellcasting available at lv1. This makes them further unique.
I don't mind the cantrips, but it does bother me that they don't follow one of the patterns by just one level, they could start casting at lvl 2 and get infusions at 1, I guess the "problem" with that is the 1 lvl dip for magic arms and armor, but tbh after lvl 7 or so, it doesn't matter much.