[Simulation Room]

"Hmm? Oh no, that was no picture. It's fully interactive. Like you suggest, you can climb that mountainside if you wanted. You could even re-enact your favorite book if you like. Try some what if scenarios to see how it would have played out if your favorite character didn't die too early. There are some safety features included as well, so any injuries sustained would be minor compared to what they'd actually be." Reinholdt moves over and grabs a beaker and dumps the contents into a flask. The two liquids start bubbling so Rein frowns and carefully puts the beaker down and backs away. He has no idea what he just mixed together.

"I suppose that's pretty special in and of itself huh? It was built by some of the Ancients, so this room is more or less lost technology and we don't know how to replicate it." Reinholdt says, talking about them as if they were an alien race who long since went extinct but left bits of technology behind that's since guided all major civilized advancements. "I'd say it's wholly unique, but the second I do, someone somewhere will show up with the exact same technology because the Nexus likes doing that." Reinholdt shakes his head and shrugs. What are you going to do?