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"I'll just kill all the Silver Royals myself and then you won't have anything to worry about. You'll be able to retire in peace after all. My gift to you."
She's got a chance. That frame is utterly beyond her, but it's still Victoria Messermitt inside it and she's probably not expecting any kind of move from Errant. All she needs to do is put a tiny crack somewhere on that thing, and the rest would take care of itself. She glances sidelong at the Shogun. She tenses for motion. She nods.

But! If she made that move, Victoria's foot might come down before the real final blow could come. If she made that move, someone might die. The call of Errant's heart is not "beat the bad guy". If it was, she'd be someone other than Euna Kim. So she lunges: one final burst of speed from her poor overworked leg. She crosses the distance in an instant and slides right under that terrible foot. She plants herself as best she can with whatever leg she has left. Shields that abhorrent brain-in-a-jar with her right arm (gross, gross, gross), tries to deflect the coming stomp with her left. Her eyes are defiant as she stares up into the face of bleeding edge death.

"...You don't listen, do you?"

[Errant spends her hold to make it there in time, and Defends the super icky hostage. 2d6+3 = 9. She clears Guilty, and exposes herself to danger]