[X]: Insecure FULL OF HUBRIS

Okay, first of all? If we’re going to number these? First of all, @SARAHPHIM is only weak in comparison to the tiger, Euna, and Ferra. Again, she does have a grueling workout regimen worthy of a Hemsworth, thank you very much.

Second of all, of course we compensated for damage! Angel-IKA is going to be rocking a baaaad sunburn, and whatever personal electronics she’s got are probably overloaded, but she’ll be fine with a bath and some skin cream.

Thirdly, I would like to remind everyone that it was Sara-body that was getting unstunned first, so what’s actually going to happen is that she’s going to lift the tiger and Comstar like she’s lifting weights, yelling at nobody in particular to spot her, and she’s going to pin COMSTAR under the tiger, HA

Then she’s going to log into the chat.

@SARAHPHIM: Hey, Ferra~ Noticed you’re on your way. I think these bad girls have earned a Spiderweb Special. ;)

That is, wrapping both the tiger and the villainess up in hard light, giving them nice straitjackets to struggle against while the cops show up.

“Hey, Angel-ica,” Sara purrs, patting the flank of the tiger. “Come zap this bad boy so we can get to the victory selfies already~”