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    I'm still curious as to why this is seen as such a large sticking point. Compared to Hexblade, this takes more commitment and keys off what many would unashamedly (and probably correctly) label as the worst ability score in 5E.

    Is the concern in multiclassing? Is the concern that this would become Hexblade 2.0 and detract from the core classes identity, labeling it as a "one(three) level wonder" class?

    I'd really like to understand why some are seeing it as such a problem, I don't see it that way myself.
    I suppose it just reminds me too much of 4th edition's idiocy in certain aspects of the game. If they keep Artificer's Intelligence as a possible substitution for attack and damage, how long it'll take until we get a class that uses Constitution for that instead (like they did with Battlemind in 4th edition; ridiculous idea and class, if you'd ask me).

    I mean, you use your hand(s) to wield a weapon. It defies logic that a dude or dudette who can barely lift a sword would somehow be able to deal just as much damage with it as someone with Herculean strength just because they're very intelligent. Dexterity I can understand, somewhat. Though, even then it takes very specific type of weapons to make sense.

    Hexblades are able to do the same with Charisma, but their choice of weapons is very limited.

    Likewise, Shillelagh lets a druid (or someone with the cantrip) use Wisdom instead of strength when attacking with a club or quarterstaff. But that works only for 1 minute at a time.

    Also, while Monks have more variety in weapons they can use with Dexterity, all of them make sense. And with Kensei, they have to choose individual weapons for that.

    But Battle Smith? Oh, they can use Intelligence with ANY magic weapon they use. It doesn't matter if the weapon is normally mundane, because they could use an infusion to make that weapon magical for days at a time, and here we go again.
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