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Let me remind you that Tunnel Fighter was a thing, and actually made it into print in the form of the 18th level Cavalier feature in XGtE. Granted, it could only be used for OAs, but allowing infinite of any type of action surely has to be much worse than what I'm proposing.
There's also a big difference between abilities you can access at low levels (such as feats and fighting styles) compared to features locked behind 18 class levels in order to access.
Vigilant Defender is a very similar ability to Tunnel Fighter in execution, but it is nerfed to be a bit weaker.
  • Doesn't give the within 5 ft opportunity attack trigger
  • Cannot be used on the same turn as your regular reaction

And even then it's still powerful enough to justify locking it behind those 18 Fighter levels to access.

If you want to keep the extra reaction as part of the feat, I'm thinking either the rest of the feat needs to be toned down a huge deal / outright cut, OR the reaction should have a constraint on how it can be used.
Example: It's a full complete reaction, BUT it has to be used on the same turn as your regular reaction (both reactions can share the same trigger).
If it were level locked, it might be a different story, but as a feat being accessible at low levels, the power does need to be reigned in.

I like the 5 feet of bonus movement, but I'm not fond of the "this movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks"

On the Dex save, I'll vote for either the flat bonus or the +4 as a reaction (not both). Not fond of the scaling with unspent reactions.

Overall, I do like the direction of a lot of the ideas your floating about for this feat, but they seem way to strong to all be paired together under a single feat.