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Thread: HALO 183: The Not Remotely Gritty Reboot

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    [Simulation Room]

    "I know what you mean, technology is a mess around here." Faith herself was stuck with pseudo-future tech. She didn't trust magic too much considering she had no idea how it would interact with her and the fact it was even more of a mess than technology was.
    "But it is remarkable, never seen anything like it if I'm going to be honest. So it would know how people would act as well? You did use a time-traveling example before so it seems like it'd be capable of something like that as well. Therefore, I imagine it would be amazing for therapy of various kinds, not to mention training or simple games. Indeed, the only negative side-effect would probably be that you spend too much time with it as it probably could simulate your greatest dreams. Why bother with reality when you have a much better one in this machine?" She gestures at the control panel.

    [HALO Phone]

    The public phone to HALO rings, it probably has for a while considering the whole memetic outbreak but now it's displaying a potentially relevant caller ID.

    Faith Sunsworn - Nexus Herald

    She's the reporter that first broke the story about the disease.
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