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I suppose this is just going to be a difference in opinion then. I agree that from a certain viewpoint it can look off, rationalizing the intelligence attacker as being "smart enough to make his weapon hit harder" compared to physical strength definitely fits that angle.

The issue is that it really doesn't have to be that way, and in my opinion it doesn't do a whole lot of good to treat it that way. If we wanted to treat the game as realistic as possible, Dexterity really shouldn't be used for attacking in most cases either. Outside of weapons designed with precision or finesse (pun not intended) in mind you would expect strength to be the decider in how effective your damage is. Bows and Crossbows especially don't make any sense (I recall a thread bringing this up) and as someone who has taken at least two archery classes in my life I can tell you that it takes a lot of brute strength to draw a bow that hasn't been drastically modified. An 8 str Fighter with X-Bow expert it able to load and fire up to 4 bolts in a matter of seconds, that's an absurd amount of strength in a short span of time.

From the gameplay perspective, I don't see as many problems with this as I would the Hexblade. Infusions take a long rest to place, if you put one of these Artificers in a scenario where they were disarmed and had to escape quickly they'd be forced to use spells to escape rather than simply calling their weapon back as a Hexblade can.

Artificers are pegged as the guys who can draw the magic in things to their practical limits, I wouldn't think it out of the ordinary if they knew how to actively propel the magic in an item to do more. Their Arcane Armament feature is meant to emulate just that and Battle Smith is the guy who does that better than the rest.

It's at least not any stranger than a Dancing Sword using your Str mod to swing itself.
Hmm. When you put it that way, it does make a fair deal of sense, after all. I admit I made an oversight there. It's true that the exemplars of magical item creation could indeed draw a little bit of extra juice out of magic items, so much so to make attacks using wits instead of brawn. If anything, I think Artificer seems like the best choice to do that, actually.