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    @arkhios: the oddness you note with casting is because they are trying to take a 2/3 caster class and squish it into a half caster mold rather than just do 2/3 caster

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    I suppose it just reminds me too much of 4th edition's idiocy in certain aspects of the game. If they keep Artificer's Intelligence as a possible substitution for attack and damage, how long it'll take until we get a class that uses Constitution for that instead (
    Speak if the devil... Funny you should mention that. Artificer is a class from eberron. On the subject of a con based class... Aberrant dragonmarks already key off con to represent the strain they put on the aberrant individual trying to harness their mark. It's not outside the realm of reasonable that there might be an aberrant class considering that true marks used to have several classes. Relax :D as long as they don't try to do like the bad old "artificer" Lantan/Ravinica versions it will be fine.
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