How much time of daylight is left once the deal is closed?

I want Rosa make a quick tour of town, looking for clues that may have been overlooked, or anything else suspicious linked to those attacks. Rosa has a high score in Investigation, so even though she doesn't think there's much chance of anything interesting to find, she'd still want to have a look around town. She's also going to look for someone who can describe the dogs. She'll also ask Borgrim about them, but does any one really think he did take notes regarding those dogs?

I ask about daylight because Rosa won't investigate if she believes she's going to be watched, as the mayor suggests they will be after nightfall.

I'll post IC as soon as I consult your answer.

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Oh, and the horns? It's propably good not to go full Hellboy there =D
I believe I remember the character design, even though I have neither read the comics nor seen the movie. Doesn't that Hellboy fellow sport sown-off thorns?