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    Default Re: Erfworld Thread XI: Finally, it's HAMMER-TIME!

    For the Paid only version, let me sum up:

    • Still doesn't say what new bad thing is. Says actual information in the public would make things much worse. its about other people?
    • Cancer going as good as can be expected. last tests showed no new spots etc.
    • More medical bills for everyone. But unrelated to anything above, and mostly not new info. None of this in particular was holding up the comic.
    • Is trying to rebuild from the ground up (again) how the comic gets made because:
    • He is now convinced the comic as made currently needs more people working on it than currently are or he could reliablly pay to do it.
    • As to how everything is managed in his words:
      As a manager, I'm only a notch or two above Stanley the Tool.

    Aside from the straw that broke the camels back, he was super up front about everything. I hope the break lets him get his life in order enough to get back to the story people want.
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