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"I'm sorry, Errant. The damage was too severe. I had to extract your bra-AAAAAAI-iiiinnnnNNN!"

JuneBird waves the spooky green tube containing Turbo Knight's brain over your head as you come to in the USAT med-bay. "Luckily it didn't seem to be connected to anything so I don't think you'll notice any differences," she said, punching you in the arm (oh, hey, your arm is still there, that's one out of four). "Seriously, what the hell? What made you think overclocking your limbs was a good idea? You could have gotten hurt!"

It's a weird statement to make to someone who's down from twenty fingers and toes to four, but you're not hurt. Lot of synaptic feedback, which was what knocked you out, but as devastating as the damage is all of it was to parts you lost years ago. You feel surprisingly fine.
"Oh my god, ew ew ew ew get it away from meeeeeee!" Euna squeals in an intensely undignified and non-heroic manner. Which is to say nothing of her equally shameful squirming, which devolves into a fit of dorky giggling before she finally puts two and two together and realizes where she is. She snaps bolt upright, or at least as well as she can with no legs and one arm.

"...What happened? Are you ok? Was anybody hurt? Is the Shogun alright? What about Messermitt, did she get away? How... how long have I been out?"

Euna curls and uncurls the fingers on her remaining hand again and again while the words tumble out. Something to keep her calm and remind her that she's not a scared, burned little girl anymore. It helps a little bit, anyway.

"Also in my defense I did not overclock my limbs. I just, um, requested they... y'know, shut off the safety features. I know I overdid it, I'm sorry. But what would have happened if I hadn't?"