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    Default Re: [Masks IC] Resurrection Roundabout: Drawing Individuals

    Quote Originally Posted by Raz_Fox View Post
    [X]: Insecure FULL OF HUBRIS
    [X]: AFRAID

    Okay, first of all? If we’re going to number these? First of all, @SARAHPHIM is only weak in comparison to the tiger, Euna, and Ferra. Again, she does have a grueling workout regimen worthy of a Hemsworth, thank you very much.

    Second of all, of course we compensated for damage! Angel-IKA is going to be rocking a baaaad sunburn, and whatever personal electronics she’s got are probably overloaded, but she’ll be fine with a bath and some skin cream.

    Thirdly, I would like to remind everyone that it was Sara-body that was getting unstunned first, so what’s actually going to happen is that she’s going to lift the tiger and Comstar like she’s lifting weights, yelling at nobody in particular to spot her, and she’s going to pin COMSTAR under the tiger, HA

    Then she’s going to log into the chat.

    @SARAHPHIM: Hey, Ferra~ Noticed you’re on your way. I think these bad girls have earned a Spiderweb Special. ;)

    That is, wrapping both the tiger and the villainess up in hard light, giving them nice straitjackets to struggle against while the cops show up.

    “Hey, Angel-ica,” Sara purrs, patting the flank of the tiger. “Come zap this bad boy so we can get to the victory selfies already~”
    Angel-IKA makes a little squeaking fangirl sound at that line. She rushes on over to you - and then you blast her with a laser right to the torso. She yelps as she flies back the way she came.

    Oh, hey, you know how your entire escape hinged on the fact that Comstar's cybernetics let her control your laser array despite her being stunned? That's still true. And she's not a dorky spaz who can't aim like Angel-IKA - she's using your camera network to give herself perfect situational awareness and can drive every one of your weapons with maximum efficiency.

    "As much as I'd love to see how this plays out," she says, and she sounds deeply sincere about that "this was just an interlude. I've got big plans for the sequel so I can't go to jail just yet. You understand, of course. The people demand proper pacing."

    Your lasers turn down, cutting hard into the stone of the park, and then intensify way past safety limits. She's looking to cut off the entire chunk of the park she's on and send it drifting into the strange chaotic currents of Neo Chaos. And, with a smirk, she angles the blast so a different arc starts slicing towards Angel-IKA in the opposite direction.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eldest View Post
    NotFerra: In my defense, that car only suffered cosmetic damage.
    NotFerra: As far as having this conversation, I am able to multitask. I can discuss your name choice without making my driving skills worse.
    NotFerra: Not that they can get substantially worse, anyhow.
    NotFerra: But I... don't particularly mind being. Hm. I think the term is a muse?
    NotFerra: It is all terribly new to me, at least. But being part of human culture has become a recent goal.
    NotFerra: Not to mention the "literally transformed into a girl" thing is a little overwhelming for several reasons.
    NotFerra: I did a small amount of reading on gender identity and such. It's... interesting.
    NotFerra: Okay that truck there was clearly driving in two different lanes.
    NotFerra: So any advice on, I suppose, exploring a "feminine identity" would be helpful, Ferraphim.
    NotFerra: Ah, excellent, I do not have as much of an emergency to rush to. I am still on my way.
    Locker: oh wow i cant tell which stream is more action packed. sarahfims climactic showdown with comstar or ferra driving across town
    Ferraphim1tp: Um
    Ferraphim1tp: uhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Ferraphim1tp: Umhmmh advice
    Ferraphim1tp: On exploring a feminine identity
    Ferraphim1tp: umhmh
    Ferraphim1tp: From me
    Ferraphim1tp: ._.;;
    Locker: wow that's deep dominus

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoeKun View Post
    "Oh my god, ew ew ew ew get it away from meeeeeee!" Euna squeals in an intensely undignified and non-heroic manner. Which is to say nothing of her equally shameful squirming, which devolves into a fit of dorky giggling before she finally puts two and two together and realizes where she is. She snaps bolt upright, or at least as well as she can with no legs and one arm.

    "...What happened? Are you ok? Was anybody hurt? Is the Shogun alright? What about Messermitt, did she get away? How... how long have I been out?"

    Euna curls and uncurls the fingers on her remaining hand again and again while the words tumble out. Something to keep her calm and remind her that she's not a scared, burned little girl anymore. It helps a little bit, anyway.

    "Also in my defense I did not overclock my limbs. I just, um, requested they... y'know, shut off the safety features. I know I overdid it, I'm sorry. But what would have happened if I hadn't?"
    "Relax, we're on the flight back, maybe thirty minutes tops," said JuneBird, tossing the brain jar casually onto the seat behind her. "Everyone's fine. The Shogun and Messermitt threw down. Shogun was actually losing pretty badly until," she pointed at herself with both thumbs, "this girl unpacked and set up the E/Mauler without anybody noticing. Messermitt had to withdraw and I came this close to nailing Sophotect before he reset out of it. But hey, getting the collar on goddamn Turbo Knight is a nice consolation."

    The strike craft's engine rumbles below you, the familiar turns and microweather patterns that rumble through the hull almost as readable as a country road.

    "What would have happened if you hadn't?" said JuneBird, kicking at the air. "Well, then I guess I would have had to pick up the slack, right? I mean, you had backup. There was something you needed to sort out with the Shogun, I get it, but I can hold the line for five minutes if you need me to."

    Quote Originally Posted by Balmas View Post
    I lost.

    I'm not supposed to lose. Who's writing this script?

    Victor coughs, hacking and wheezing breath back into himself as he sits up. "H'okay. So, that didn't work. Got some valuable intel." And a kickass axe, too. That's coming home. Though, given his current state, it's probably best not to get near Mami with any kind of weapons.

    At his signal, nanites begin to flow back into him, and he doesn't meet the gaze of the crowd until he's whole again. "Alright. Let's get those people down from there. They've had quite a day already, eh? And, ma'am, I believe these spectacles are yours. Do you mind if I borrow them for a day or two, so I can copy their frequency for the future?"

    Oy. Yeah, that's gonna bruise.

    "And when that's done, we should meet again. We need to discuss Possum Girl and how to fix this situation."
    "Oh, don't feel bad, dear," said the old lady from before, mopping your forehead with a handkerchief. "I used to do work just like yours. The thing about villains is that they're slippery as oil. Put her in the ring with you and you'd eventually win because you're fighting for something - someone who's fighting for nothing can just cut and run the moment they're not feeling it. They've got all the initiative, that's just the way of things."

    [She wants to shift your Saviour up and Superior down. Accept what she says or reject her influence]
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