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    Default Re: [Masks IC] Resurrection Roundabout: Drawing Individuals

    [X]: AFRAID

    Superpowers are one thing, but our spunky heroine has just spent this entire issue dealing with not having her superpowers. So she deals with this the way a tiger would.

    Namely, she steps on Comstar’s neck and starts leaning in.

    “Commy,” she says, in a sweetly dangerous voice, even as the tiger starts to shift its weight, even as the lasers burn all around them, their intensity making it look like they’re in the middle of a personal fireworks parade, “don’t fuck with my fans.”

    That line is going to be the intro to about two dozen fanvids and edits in the next five minutes alone.

    Sure, there are ways out of this- blast @SARAHPHIM with her own lasers! Threaten to take down Angel-IKA! But that requires thinking clearly while an angry, grinning, furious superheroine grinds her heel against your windpipe and also there is a tiger about to eat you both.


    Unfortunately, with Insecure and -1 Savior, that’s dropped down to 9. I’ll clear Insecure and expose myself to danger, which means Sara is probably joining Victor and Euna in the hospital due to tiger to the face]
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