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"Oh, don't feel bad, dear," said the old lady from before, mopping your forehead with a handkerchief. "I used to do work just like yours. The thing about villains is that they're slippery as oil. Put her in the ring with you and you'd eventually win because you're fighting for something - someone who's fighting for nothing can just cut and run the moment they're not feeling it. They've got all the initiative, that's just the way of things."

[She wants to shift your Saviour up and Superior down. Accept what she says or reject her influence]
[Reject influence: 11.]
[Shift Superior up, Mundane down]
[Clear condition by immediately taking actions to locate and chase down Possum Girl]

Brainstorm fidgets, before nudging away the handkerchief. "With respect, that's just not good enough. If left alone, Possum Girl gets to just come back and harass you some more. Or whoever she decides to come after next. Driving them off is well and good, but letting them set the stage means that I'm always on the back foot. I'm better than that. I'm better than her."

Gingerly, he stretches, and cracks his neck once or twice. "Thank you all for trusting in me. I'll do my best to ensure this never happens on your turf again, because I'm going to take this axe with me--" and he swings up onto a streetlight to perch dramatically, "and I'm going to take the fight to Possum Girl!"

And with that, he's off, and swinging for home. Previously, he was limited to fighting when she showed up. But now? He has an axe to grind.