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Superpowers are one thing, but our spunky heroine has just spent this entire issue dealing with not having her superpowers. So she deals with this the way a tiger would.

Namely, she steps on Comstar’s neck and starts leaning in.

“Commy,” she says, in a sweetly dangerous voice, even as the tiger starts to shift its weight, even as the lasers burn all around them, their intensity making it look like they’re in the middle of a personal fireworks parade, “don’t fuck with my fans.”

That line is going to be the intro to about two dozen fanvids and edits in the next five minutes alone.

Sure, there are ways out of this- blast @SARAHPHIM with her own lasers! Threaten to take down Angel-IKA! But that requires thinking clearly while an angry, grinning, furious superheroine grinds her heel against your windpipe and also there is a tiger about to eat you both.


Unfortunately, with Insecure and -1 Savior, that’s dropped down to 9. I’ll clear Insecure and expose myself to danger, which means Sara is probably joining Victor and Euna in the hospital due to tiger to the face]
You know who else doesn't think clearly during a laser light show? Tigers.

Blame the fact that you are no longer a tiger and are perhaps still thinking like you are a tiger. It is understandable. But it's fast and you're not. If it's a little consolation it springboards off Comstar when it lunges for you and she gets a pretty bad set of slashes along the way. More consolation is that the lights and colours and nightmare puzzlebox space means it wants to be anywhere other than here, so it books it rather than staying to finish the job.

Comstar's section of the platform snaps off and she tumbles away along the channels of Neo Chaos Spire. The next thing you see is Angel-IKA's concerned face. "I, uh, I called an ambulance but you need to know that was the coolest thing in the universe you just did and you saved my life and you're my hero, thank you so much,"

[She wants to shift your Saviour up and Mundane down, accept her words or reject her influence]

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But now? He has an axe to grind.

There is no better note to end The Brainstorm Issue #1 on. Instead, tell us about some of the ads, promotions, mail-order gadgets, and other things that show up in the end of the comic book? PSAs, Brainstorm's Final Thoughts, Victor's Science Corner, whatever it is that fits your aesthetic.

(On that note, everyone's issues are also either ending or one post away from doing so, so feel free to wrap things up with your own bonus sections as well!)