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An Illithid, or any non-elan aberration for that matter. They are just usually bad for their RHD for the appropiate party ECL, or their LA is way high (if there's any).
Yeah even if you play with them having innate psionics as a Psion of level (RHD+1) instead of their SLAs, that +7 LA is no joke. You're manifesting as a 14th-level Psion when Wizards can Gate or Time Stop four to six times per day. For that matter, Gith (of both types) get shortchanged by their LA, and the Blue does as well. Sure, LA +1 isn't the end of the world (even w/o buyoff) but it's not like everyone would be clamoring to make Blue Psions otherwise. These are all cool races, but (to varying degrees) not playable.

Oh, speaking of psionics, the Metamind. Using it naively, you end up with fewer equivalent PP/day than if you just stuck pure Psion, and that's supposed to be its whole schtick. And on top of that you're losing five levels of manifesting.