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    The rain keeps some of Port Blacksand's residents off the streets, but there are still plenty of folk moving about as Rosa leads her companions down Market Street toward Market Square. You pass the Spotted Dog Inn and numerous small herb and spice shops. Market Square is not as full as usual, but several stalls remain stubbornly open despite the weather. You pass several hawking fresh bread, hot soup, and kebabs of assorted meats.

    Spoiler: Food

    Feel free to grab some grub on the way if you wish (one silver piece for whatever you like)

    In the middle of the square, a pillory on a raised platform lies empty. You pass by several other traders: A Borangian woman wearing a wide, pleated belt offers travelling cloaks of dyed wool and felt; a slender half-orc offers an assortment of adventuring tools; and an older man in a brown cloak and a scar running down the side of his face offers small pieces of worked silver jewelry.

    You head north out of Market Square into narrow Bridge Street. You pass a small cluster of houses as you approach the intersection of Singing Avenue, and begin to feel unseen eyes watching you walk by. A short distance down the street, despite the rain, you see a small boy step out from a doorway and trot quickly toward you.

    Borgrim, unfamiliar with Port Blacksand, nonetheless immediately recognizes a trap. Rosa has seen this setup before: the child has a scrap of paper in his hand, no doubt, with a demand (most likely for coin). She looks up to the right, Borgrim to the left, and they see a few second story windows with open shutters. The tips of arrows can be seen sticking out of two of them. You estimate three bows on either side of the street. A moment later Benedict stops dead, sensing something amiss with his companions.

    Spoiler: OOC

    The boy is 60 feet down the street from you, to the north. An alley to the right of you runs east into The Noose. 30 feet behind you, and alley on the left runs roughly west toward Singing Avenue. Due to the second story overhang, the archers can only shoot toward the far side of the street (I.e. you could shelter from the left side archers under the left side overhang).
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