Caller in Darkness

I really like how this book jumps from wacky to absolutely horrifying.

The Caller in Darkness (Caller for friends) is an 11 RHD incorporeal large-sized undead being. Its stats are... awful. I'm not kidding: +4 to three stats and +6 to one is bad for a creature you're spending eleven levels on.

The caller's natural weapons are four incorporeal touches that deal 2d6 damage each. That's not bad for a natural weapon, but not exactly great either.

Its special abilities are the mostly-flavorful Unnatural Aura (animals are scared of you) and Sunlight Vulnerability (no attacks and only one action in sunlight), as well as Steal Essence and some PLAs.

Steal Essence is a very interesting trait, which essentially (puns!) allows the caller to absorb the psyches of others, gaining a small amount of temporary HP in the process. It automatically does so when killing a creature, but can also use the ability as a standard action on creatures that are paralyzed, sleeping, or unconscious as a result of having a drained ability. Giving that typically those conditions have a tendency to spell death anyway, it's not too great, though I suppose that it has some use in cleaning up temporarily paralyzed foes and assassinating sleeping targets.

Finally, there's the PLAs, which are plentiful. 7d10 Mind Thrust is pretty good as far as at-will damage goes (it beats an at-level warlock's EB), and a 2d4 Ego Whip isn't half bad either. The 3/day powers (Death Urge, Psychic Crush, Psionic Suggestion) are all useful, but the 1/day Co-Opt Coordination is moderate at best, and requires specific foes to be usable at all.

That said, the PLAs are neat but inferior to what a psion has by this level (and frankly, I'm unsure what else to compare this too). The incorporeal traits are useful, but I'm not sure it makes up for 11 very bad RHD.

-0 LA for now, considering +0.