[Northside - Fourth Tower Compound]

They approach the little cottage and immediately Françoise will be hit by the sensation of being watched. There is more to this garden than what the eye can see as he can't see anything out of place. Though the garden gnomes and the plastic flamingos standing around can probably look a bit creepy considering the context.

Nevertheless, Zula knocks on the door and then stands back. "We probably have to wait a while." She whispers to the acolyte.

But soon enough, the door is opened by an middle-aged human woman with strange grey skin and dark eyes. Her intense gaze immediately focus on Francoise as the door is gleaned open. "Our new intern I suppose?"

"Er, yes. Hello to you too, Sekai. I'm giving him a tour of the place right now. We need some help with contacting Sinccubi. It's to reach out to a yu-seed."

Her gaze shifts down to the short ape-woman. "Which one?"

Zula blinks and glances up at Franscoise. "Doesn't really matter I think. Just whichever one-"

But Sekai cuts her off. "Of course it matters, each yu-seed is unique. If they are really serious about reaching out to them, they should learn that before coming and asking a bunch of questions." The grand warlock looks at him again. "Why are you interested in the seeds? It's not something a mere acolyte should start off with. Dealing with entities like that takes charisma and a iron will or they will lose interest the moment they lay their gaze on you, or worse."

[Seeking Help]

Irena shrugs helplessly, this wasn't exactly her expertise. "I guess that could work. Since she's too young to take a job and all..." Which ironically was Irena's only idea. "Unless, uh, the company, you know the one I 'owe'." Irena makes finger quotes as she mentions the company that she inherited as a part of her get-rich-scheme.

She was never took any decisions involved in it and mostly got money from its stocks on a monthly basis. Apparently, they dealt with the supernatural by selling appliances such as silver bullets, spirit wards and stakes but also had a number of 'exterminators' in their employment. In the nexus they did really well considering the demand on it and their dominance of the market. They weren't that big in Riverside however and made most of their profits in Sky- and inside as well as a certain other city...

"Maybe if I put in a good word she could like... work at a counter or something? I mean, it doesn't even have to be an official job. She just could show up and... I throw her money." Nadia always told her to do something for the community, and this was it right? Giving some little girl money. That probably made her the saint of the year or something.