Turn 4: Power Failure

-Research Power
-Research Skill
-Gather food
-Begin domesticating the hatching treehoppers

All hero actions relating to power fail due to the problem with your power source (see the actions). This includes JoJoAnt, Ant-Eye, and Antimony and Zektak.

Theoanta and Dave help with skill research.

Antigone walks along the stream bank for days on end, becoming the first Vannethian ant to ever spend a night outside of the hive. She manages to forage enough food for herself. The stream follows a rather complicated path to the northeast, turning between east and north every so often and even going south for a little while at one point. Antigone keeps walking, but never discovers an end to the stream.
Antigone is now far northeast of Vannethia. It will take her another turn to get back.

Antitan and Fiona’s actions are detailed under the related hive action.

Research Power
Failure! Your Power Source’s glow dims down and all attempts to interact with it just bounce off. It takes the better part of the turn to get it to come back, and during that time the power of each individual ant drastically decreases. You still get your food bonus due to the large number of ants participating, but all hero actions relating to power fail this turn.

(This was almost, but not quite, a critical failure. If it had been critical, it would’ve lasted past this turn.)

Research Skill
Success, Skill +2

Gather food

Begin domesticating the hatching treehoppers
Antitan, Fiona and a number of other ants gather around the eggs as they hatch. To great surprise, the hatching treehoppers aren’t larvae at all - they look very much like smaller versions of the adults. “Smaller” is a relative term, though, as they are about the same size as an adult ant. The ants bring them food, and they seem rather docile at first, but after some time it becomes apparent that they feed exclusively on the sap inside of the plants, which you have no method of extracting - and if you let them out of the colony to eat from plants, they would just escape. Fiona and Antitan spend the rest of the turn trying and failing to come up with a method of harvesting sap.

2 Food consumed
+2 Size from Growth

Begin Voting!