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    Quote Originally Posted by HamsterKun View Post
    If two characters are to try to attack each other, one as an action and the other as a reaction, is there anything that determines which of the two successfully delivered the blow?
    IF someone is capable of attacking as a reaction (for example by taking the Ready action), then both successfully deliver their blows provided they beat the other's AC.

    Quote Originally Posted by HamsterKun View Post
    Iím saying this because someone with a light and/or finesse weapon would likely be able to (given enough reaction time) be able to intercept an attack from a heavier weapon that would take a bit longer to attack with.
    Not really? If you're talking about reality, having an heavier weapon makes it less likely you get intercepted. A one-handed sword can hardly parry a two-handed battleaxe's blow.

    If you're talking about the game, aside from the Parry ability or similar, there is no real way to intercept an attack.

    D&D 5e isn't a reality simulator, and the game designers made so you can't just deny someone their attack just because you can attack too.
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