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    Quote Originally Posted by Halae View Post
    "Powers are a thing that happens. there's any number of origins for them - I've heard of astronauts getting caught in cosmic rays and coming home with gravity powers. There's people like me and my forebears, born different. Magic, those who use technology to achieve a similar status. There's even people who train to such an unreal degree that they gain superpowers as well; one of the most powerful warriors from my home dimension is a guy called Godhand. He just kept training until he was able to deflect bullets with his abs and punch through steel like it was paper," Emily nods to herself.

    "As for how strong they are... well, it's sort of a curve? There's a grading system. Ones and Twos are considered low enough that a normal (if well trained) person can take them down. Three to five are things that keep you could only take down with a competent team of normals, or another super. The scale goes all the way to ten, with ten being 'evacuate the area if this guy gets in a fight', and that's the cap of the scale, so if you meet a Ten, you don't worry about the specifics of his power - you just run away because power stops really mattering after you realize the guy can stand toe to toe with gods. It's also a level of rarity - the number of tens in the world is only in the twenties, while the lower numbers are much more common. I myself am rated at a five for toughness, bulk, and strength."
    Malee's listening to Emily with an ever-present smile, hanging on to her every word, slowly realizing her attraction for this other woman. A strong brawler like her, who's about her size, open-minded and with a humble personality. She doesn't realize when she mirrors Emily's pose, keeping real quiet as the green-scaled woman talks about powers in her world.

    It shows in her eyes, too. Beforehand, Malee simply looked at Emily as a potential friend, but now there's attraction building in them, as well.

    Then Emily's done speaking, and Malee has to take a moment to remember it's her turn. Realizing she'd started staring, she averts her eyes so as to not make Emily too uncomfortable. "Yes... where Malee's from, most people have magic potential of varying levels. Malee was not only born with high magical affinity, but has a unique ability of vibrating matter. It was easier for Malee to learn magic. Some have a harder time learning magic, only gaining a mark after manifesting, as opposed to Malee, who was born with it." She shows Emily the mark on her tail, near where it meets her body. "There's specialized magic schools, Malee attended before joining the army. The ones with no magical affinity whatsoever have to make do, or get themselves turned into experimental super soldiers, or get powers by being beamed by cosmic rays... some make deals with supernatural creatures."
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