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    Default Re: Zodi Plays: Tactics Ogre The Knight of Lodis (Crime Island Adventure)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja_Prawn View Post
    'Twice' does seem like a wildly optimistic estimation for how many times people will die playing this game.

    I like the idea of the combat mechanic, where you're essentially dealing damage to a person's guard stance, working them into a position where you can one-shot their actual health. It would have been jarring in a game like this to have to hack away at someone's meat multiple times before they went down.

    Point of order though: it isn't always the Sengoku period. There are plenty of Edo period games as well.
    There was also a game at E3 a while back about a game that took place during the Mongol invasion of Japan (kamakura period) that i didn't know was a thing. But it's usually the Sengoku Jidai because that was the glory day of the Samurai warrior.
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