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    Quote Originally Posted by Recaiden View Post
    "I suppose I have gotten better. But I have to credit it all to the lack of distractions here."
    Telue finishes her drink. A bit faster than she had been going through them so far.
    "Did you say you don't have bones? How do you get around?"

    'round this time a perfectly normal human saunters up to the pair. He's heavily muscled, heavily tattooed, has one shiny gemstone tooth and clearly has had plenty to drink. Telue reaches into her purse for something.
    "Hey, little lady, you've been asking some stupid questions around here a while now. Before you get into that today, I'd suggest ya just stop the whole thing."
    In response to the question, Jack simply waves his hands vaguely in the air, saying, "Magic."

    Seeing the man, Jack gulps back the rest of his mead and turns to him, "'Scuse me, I didn't quite understan', so can you please say tha' a bit clearer?" His pumpkin face betrays nothing, because it's a pumpkin. However, he suddenly sways side to side slightly, and his head is cocked to the side a bit. He looks like he's also had too much to drink, even though only an instant ago he showed none of these signs.
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