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Well I am glad there was an extension for this. I suddenly got a good idea and ran with it. Vestige Knight's (Name probably is going to change as that is generic as hell) rough draft is up. I still need to give the abilities a once over for balance/readability and some of the abilities need much better names but the class should be mostly playable at the moment.
This is an absolutely awesome class. I love it and already have an idea for an NPC who might have levels in it in my next campaign.

A few quick comments:

Letting vestiges Vestige Knights give themselves an extra edge in power by giving their bound vestiges more opportunities to interact with the living word that they so crave.
I think the first two words here shouldn't be there?

The improvement of martial maneuvers is interesting- most martial maneuver classes instead improve with their own advancement path. This is mechanically very clean, and I like it.

They can have a maximum number of Influence Points equal to their charisma modifier and these are reset to 0 at the start and end of every encounter.
I worry that this is going to be too few influence points for someone unless they run into serious MAD issues. Maybe make the max number of influence points be equal to the charisma modifier (min 1) plus half class level? This will be especially important later on, when they hit 9th level and it becomes a lot easier to get influence points. Also, suggestion for one more use of influence points- as a free action be able to recover a single maneuver, but one needs to do so to spend influence points equal to the maneuver level.

he just made after knowing wether or not it hits
"wether" should be "whether" probably.

[quote]At 3rd level the Vestige Knight draw upon the experiance and knowledge of the vestiges bound to him to learn new manuvers. Now whenever the Vestige Knight binds a vestige to himself he can suppress one granted ability which has a five round cooldown granted by the vestige for the duration of the pact. In exchange he can select one maneuver he qualifies for. This does not have to be a discipline he normally has access to but he still must meet all prerequistes of the maneuver . While bound to that vestige he can use that maneuver once every five rounds. It is treated as a supernatural ability regardless if the maneuver was originally one or not. [/quote[

A few typos - "experiance" "manuvers" and "prerequistes".

I can see the not normally have access to bit as doing some interesting things- I'd be worried that a campaign using a lot of homebrew martial disciplines might make this power substantially more useful, so there's a bit of campaign dependence sliding scale of power here. But I doubt it would be a problem in most campaigns, and it isn't like most martial maneuvers are that powerful. Since binding and martial maneuvers aren't really high in power this shouldn't be an issue.

One other thought: does knowing this maneuver count as being known for other purposes? For example, could I use such a maneuver to qualify for a feat or prestige class? Could I use such a maneuver to write a martial script? These should probably be clarified.

Other comments: I like Martial Apotheosis. The idea of getting back vestige ability uses when one gets back martial maneuvers is really neat. I wonder if it should also work with any other abilities that give back all maneuvers since there are some things out there (albeit I think either homebrew or Pathfinder) which give back all maneuvers.

Overall, I really like this class, both the theme and the general mechanics. Seems mostly balanced and not too overpowered while doing a really good job of using the mechanics of both ToB and pact magic.