Well we're playing a homebrewed campaign )this one based off of the Dresden Files series of novels and not the rpg of it, we're all working for Dresden) and the dm is generous with letting us ask for unusual items. I was able to get the +1 CON belt that raised my 17 CON to 18 for 6k in gold.

Our new player was pretty effective with his life cleric and lour rogue/cleric (not sure with subclass he went with) and he was fucusing on getting the farmer's daughter out of there. I've been avoiding using Reckless Attack because in this campaign with foes that have high accuracy to hot as well as doing massive damage per hit, it's just too risky to use for me, making it a near-dead ability for me, which sucks because that was one of the main reasons I chose to play a barbarian.

I'm kind of tempted to let him get killed off before too long so I can play something else. I'd considered a bard, but the spell list is so horribly unappealing to me that I doubt I'll ever play the class. A ranger might be good, or maybe a sun soul monk since we're facing off against so many fiends and undead. Maybe I could combine the two as I've never played either class before. If not, I'd likely just go with my old hexblave/divine soul sorc again and attack from range. The way I've been forced to play my barb is making him less enjoyable than I'd wanted it to be due to having such powerful monsters this time around (every campaign we've had before had much easier battles, but this time it's a struggle to survive every encounter, making playing miuch more stressful.

Whichever character I play next will HAVE to having some form of healing as this campaign demands it.