Spoiler: Acolyte Hybrid
Acolyte Hybrid

Ability Score Increase
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, and any one mental stat increase by 1. In addition, your cap for any ability is 22.

Almost Human
You look very nearly human-to the point that the average person won't run screaming at the sight of you. Use this power wisely.

You can see perfectly in the dark up to 60'. Even in color.

Your size is Medium.

Your speed is 40'.

Weapon Training
You are proficient in all weapons.

Spoiler: Aberrant

Ability Score Increase
Your Strength increases by 4 and your Constitution by 2. Your max ability score for Strength is 26, Constitution 24, and Dexterity 22.

You can see perfectly in the dark out to 60'. Even in color!

You are Medium, but you may treat yourself as Large when it would be beneficial to you.

Your speed is 35'.

Bestial Vigor
You gain two additional HP every level.

Spoiler: Purestrain

Ability Score Increase
Your Dexterity increases by 4, your Strength by 1 and your Constitution by 1. Your maximum for Dexterity is 26, and your maximum for Strength and Constitution is 22.

You have Blindsight out to 30'.

You are a Medium creature.

Your speed is 50'.

Lightning Reflexes
You gain Advantage on Initiative checks, and also may double your movement speed for one round. After doing so, you must spend a round not moving to regain the ability to double your speed.

Spoiler: Cults
Pick any one of these for your Acolyte Hybrid, Aberrant, or Purestrain.

Cult Of The Four-Armed Emperor

You deal double damage against surprised foes.

Pauper Princes
You have Advantage on Wisdom saves.

You may Disengage as a Bonus Action.

Bladed Cog
Your AC improves by 2.

Rusted Claw
You may Dash as a Bonus Action.

Twisted Helix
Your Strength and Constitution improve by 2, as does their maximum.

Note: These are NOT meant to be balanced against standard races. Only against each other.