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I remind you again that the Witch has poor BAB, so the base ability will be solid on its own with Long Hair being absorbed by Prehensile Hair.
If you're worried about certain iteration hexes being problematic - take care of those certain iteration hexes and tone them down as you see necessary.
Don't fall into the Dodge-feat-syndrome trap (i.e. forcing players to spend a lot of character resources for a probably never-reached power peak somewhere in the distant future of their character development). The process of character-build development should be adequately rewarding on its own.
I agree on the design principle, here.

However, with this in mind:

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Also note that Dread Locks and some other hair-hexes don't amount to something significant if the witch doesn't find a way to elevate her attack bonus.
If something is done to improve BAB, would that make folding the Long Hair into Prehensile Hair overpowered?

As an alternative to BAB, would enabling the witch to either take a hex that grants, or to build into the hexes based on combat maneuvers, a size increase substitute for the lack of BAB?

Say, for each of Constrict, Improved Grab, Strangle, and Trip taken, the hair counts as one size category larger (stacking with each other and enlarge person) for purposes of combat maneuvers? Or just grants a flat bonus on CMB. That might be less messy than trying to mess with only parts of the size-category rules.

Maybe each has a clause that adds +1 to CMB when using the hair, which improves to +2 (each) at level 10. That'd be a +8 to CMB if all were taken by level 10, making an "effective BAB for CMB purposes" of +13. Actually higher than the BAB of a fighter at level 10, and the fighter only catches up at level 16, and surpasses at 17+. Would that be sufficient?
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Control Braids: Seems like this one should have Braided Rope as prereq. Id actually make it an 8th level upgrade of.
I left it without Braided Rope as a prereq on the off chance a witch wanted to actually just mundanely fashion rope from her hair and take this hex. Admittedly, it's a bit niche in that case, so making it an upgrade might work.