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Well, presumably that was his high Constitution? I don't see why he should have a better Hit Die than a Warrior, Scout or Cleric.
Well, the Scout can deal a lot of damage (not as much as a rogue, maybe, but plenty more than this class), the Cleric can both deal a lot of damage and use spells to beef himself up, and as for the Warrior, A: This class doesn't have better hit points, it has equal, and B: The Warrior is an NPC class, and should not be compared to a PC class. But you probably meant Fighter. Or maybe Ranger, since it does have a d8 hit die. But in both cases, the other class is capable of considerably more damage than the explorer.

As for my input on the class:

Looks great to me! Very interesting and...fun-sounding!

I see one or two possible issues, though.
  1. The class gets Improved Evasion one level faster than even the Monk. Is there another class that gains that faster than level 9? If not, I recommend switching Improved Evasion with In the Face of Death +2. Improved Evasion seems significantly better than a skill bonus, so it seems fair.
  2. On that note, Evasion and Improved Evasion aren't listed under class features. A very minor quibble, though.
  3. Danger Skills seems rather too good. Maybe it should be cut down to one skill every time it is gained, and then possibly increased in the frequncy in which it is acquired?