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    Quote Originally Posted by Glimbur View Post
    I got the events working, so the remaining work is just making units and writing descriptions. Hopefully I can have an alpha test ready in another week or two, depending on if my next dominins game starts soon.

    We can also argue about balance: right now the magic looks like EA Tien Chi but better. The five elements (earth water air fire wod/nature), you get a pokemon that casts one each at 3 (maybe only air 2). Humans have one path at 2 and another at 1, random so they could also have a 3. Cap only humans will have same magic but either +1 master ritualist or +1 master smith. Broader but less deep than most EA nations. Thoughts?
    Well that depends on how far into the 'theme' you want to go and how much you're willing to change.

    They've got 3 types of leadership already - normal, magic, undead. Add 2 more and turn them into Elemental leadership.

    If you want to go full Pokemon theme then everybody should have access to every Pokemon but each square has different ones and some are available only through rare sites, but the elements all take different leadership so they'll be much more/less effective under certain trainers.

    As for magic, you should have 'levels' of trainers/pokemon and as they get higher level they cost much more but have much more magic. Like a level 1 trainer should only have 1 level of 1 magic, a level 50 trainer should have L2/L3 in multiple paths.

    Higher level pokemon can only be summoned by trainers entering sites requiring higher level magic of that path.
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