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    Pratchett was writing at a different time in a market that was overloaded with pulp fantasy novels and films
    He also suffered from an era of arty novels - so we get elitist reviewers who rave about people who only ever publish one novel which is about their guilt over self-abuse as a middle class teenager. And they hate that genre fiction then sells so much more
    Pratchett to me is on a level with h g Wells
    Read jingo - and then realise he wrote it as a response to desert shield and it ended up published during desert storm, and still resonates today
    I would also add that Shakespeare at the time wasnít high art - thatís why theres so much slapstick in some of the plays. Itís what people have seen in Shakespeare and his revival at the same time that theatre became respectable that we now see him as so great
    As with so many great writers the reviewers only praise them when they are dead and focus on arty writers whilst they are still alive.
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