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The primary intent was to increase the power of red damage spells at a cost: If you cast lightning bolt, you get hit by a lightning bolt but also get another three damage you can throw anywhere on the board. There's definitely other uses, such as creating twice as many tokens or copying buff spells, that don't do anything if they are targetting you, so I added the 'deals damage to you equal to the spell's converted Mana cost' so there would still be a downside to playing this card no matter how you built your deck.
So it makes three copies of the spell, two which you choose and one with targets you? That's confusing and not really clear from reading it.
Also, if I cast a spell on myself that is positive, don't I then get three positive spells targeting myself?

'or if there would be no effect to you' was an attempt to prevent abuse with white removal such as Dispense Justice as otherwise you can force your opponents to sacrifice twice the usual amount of creatures with no cost to yourself. It is poorly worded now I look at it, though.
The problem is that it just straight up doesn't work. It's not something that makes sense from the rules.
What you were trying to do was probably:

Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery, each player copies it. Each of those players may choose new targets for their copy.

Though that runs into similar problems as hivemind.