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Possibly; that's why I thought Xykon's level could be narrowed down further for an upper cap.
We've been over this a number of times. :D

If you assume that Superb Dispelling (DC 59) is the one in the ELH and that Xykon has no item that gives a bonus to his skills or Int, you can estimate his level.

First you need him to have both Epic Spellcasting and Epic Skill Focus which mandates level 23+.

At level 23 you have max 26 ranks in Spellcraft and Knowledge: Arcana and get a +4 Synergy bonus for a sum of +30.
Skill Focus gives +3
Epic Skill Focus gives +10
So we have total modifiers of +43

Superb Dispelling has a DC of 59 and spellcasters typically Take 10 on Epic spells so we're looking at a required +49 to the roll so we need to find +6 from somewhere. That can only come from two places: levels or Int bonus - no other synergy bonuses are available. So Xykon is at least level 29 adjusted for any Int modifier with a minimum of level 23.

Again, assuming no items etc.