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    Default Re: Anyone have experience playing sun soul monks?

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    Another possible replacement for my barbarian in our dresden files campaign would be someone who does radiant damage what with all the undead and fiends we've been facing, so I've been thinking about possibly playing a sun soul monk. Has anyone played one? How well do they do in campaigns featuring a fair number of fiends, undead and supernatural creatures?
    I tried one for a little while. The thing with Sun Souls is that they're really....boring? Even when you get the enhanced abilities, you simply have the option to deal a lot of damage by spending a lot of ki. It's probably the simplest Monk subclass.

    I found that the best way to make the most of it, and to use it to its maximum efficiency, is to flank around the enemy, using your high damage and moderate range to harass the enemy. Monks naturally counter mages and ranged attackers, so the Monk will be able to shed off attacks and spells that would really hurt others, and the extra range prevents melee combatants from being able to do much to you. If someone happens to engage you, you can simply Bonus Action Dodge or Disengage.

    You play like a really annoying bee, keeping enemy archers and mages from being able to do anything they want to. You don't want to play them like a normal ranged or melee character.

    If I would change anything about the build, I would have started as a flying character. Not only does the flight really help maintain distance while being safe, but Monks inherently deal with the disadvantages of flying (Slowfall, high Dexterity to avoid being knocked prone, etc). Flight also adds an extra level of fun that really fleshes out the Sun Soul.
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