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Thread: Consistent rule for CDG from stealth?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Adventurer View Post
    This is literally what Sneak Attack is for, but you reference Rogues in your post. What exactly are you seeking to do? Make Stealth more useful to non-Rogues, at the cost of impinging on the Rogue's schtick?
    TBF, one single Sneak Attack is pretty unimpressive against a non-trivial foe. This houserule seems to benefit Rogues if anything.

    That said, I wouldn't use CdG - too guaranteed deadly and with weird incentives like "use a scythe and power attack for the best throat-slitting."

    Fort save (DC 10 + half level + Dex) or die, else take an extra 3*level damage and Sneak Attack dice are maximized.
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