[Scaleback’s Apartment]

”I can only eat venison twice a month, and I’ve had it once already. But that’s it.”
He honestly didn’t really get any of that, but he knows what “Bath” means, and he loves touching shiny things, so after several minutes he figures out that the little shiny things make water come out, the big shiny things make lots of water come out into the little slippery room, and the nice smelling stuff is for cleaning and not eating.
And while Emily will have to put up with his singing, it helps that he’s good at it. Even if he takes an obscenely long time. And gets her brush covered in pony-hair. He needed it to reach!

Miraculously for her, the fact that she didn’t explain towels to him goes unpunished, as he re-enters the room perfectly dry and his hair tied up neat and proper.
”Your home is most wonderful, Cos. You’re blessed.” he tells her cheerily.